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“ 64% of organizations believe their greatest challenge is developing next generation leaders ” Bersin, July 2019

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Technology disruption Managing complex people challenges Remote working Commercial resilience Agility

Resetting the vision

Navigating complexity

Value-driven relationships Supporting people emotionally

Developing new skills Resetting expectations Virtual Connections Embracing change Business growth Adapting Economic challenges Competitive markets Cultural Diversity Whole person understanding Strategic challenge Talent Management Inclusivity Uncertainty Multi-generational workforces Sustainable business performance


The 'hero' leader era has ended. Research tells us that people need 'people' as leaders; fully rounded, authentic, resilient, agile, emotionally connected people who lead with purpose and values. The traditional focus on growing skills and knowledge (horizontal development) is no longer adequate. Leaders must develop a highly sophisticated internal operating system or mindset (vertical development) to be able to deal with the pace of change and challenges. The Leadership Circle™ is a comprehensive system based on the Universal Model of Leadership. It is supported by research which proves a correlation between leadership effectiveness and business performance. It includes a full 360 leadership assessment. Individual and collective profiles are implemented depending on the organizational needs measuring two primary leadership domains - Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies.

“Effective, collective leadership is the single most important competitive and strategic advantage that cannot be copied.” Mark Fields, President of Ford Motors



The Leadership System™ is a system of interlocking and reinforcing components that, taken together, accomplish more than any single- component solution could.

This is its power.

THE LEADERSHIP CIRCLE PROFILE TM A 360 assessment based on the Universal Model of Leadership

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d e g r e e o f b a l a n c e b e t we e n th.e C r e a t i v e d1mens1ons and the Rea,ct l ve d i me n s i o n s The p e r c e n t l e s,c_ore h e r e g v e s t h e l eade r a sense of h ow h e / s h e , compa r es to o t h e r l eade r s w i t h e s p e c t t o t h e amo u n t o f e n e r g y h e / s h e o u t s i n t o React l ' . .e 'Jersus C r e a t i v e b e h a v i o r s . I t s u g g e s t s t he d e g r e e t o wh i c h h1s./her l eade r sh i p , re1at1onsh1ps, and g o a l - o r i e n t e d beha.., ors c o me o u t o f a Creat,.,.e o, Re a c t i v e o , entat1on. It a , s o s u g g e s t s w i t h i n o , a r e d e t e r m i n e d b y e x t e r n a e) :pectat1ons., ru l es , or c o n d t o n s Relat ionship-Task Balanc,e me a s u r e s the d e g r e e o f b a l a n c e a l eade r s' " ' °"• • l :>etween he Ae:h1ev1n and Re l at n g c omo e t e n c , e s . I t 1s a me a s u r e of t he o,•er. u n d e r o r bal lan,:ed deve1opme n of e i t h e r ha l f o f t h e eQu a u o n ( t h e p e o p l e ha l f o r t h e t ask h a l f ) t h a t ma k e s for q r e a t e a d e r s h Leader:;hla Potentlial Utlll:z:;,tlon 1s a b o t t o m n e me a s u , e t ha t c omp a r e s . th.e o, . era l s c o r e o h e d1mens1ons me a s u r e d t o t h a t o f o t h e r l eade r s wh o h a v e t a k e n t h i s su , vey . 11 s o r t s t h r o u g h a I t h e h i g h a n d l ow sc.ores. D a n swe r the q u e s t i o n So , m t he e n d , h o w am I do1119?'' the d e g r e e to wh l c h h i s / h e , s.el - c o n c e p t a n d mn e , mot1vat1on , come f r o m

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 The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) is used to evaluate and explore the existing behaviors amongst leaders.  The profile is designed to investigate, understand and develop creative behaviors which have proven to directly result in improved business performance  The completed Profile provides a report including a graph allowing opportunities for deep insights on the creative leadership and reactive tendencies of the individual or team.  Accredited coaches guide the individual or team through a process to understanding the insights and uncover the potential for development.  The process shines a light on the invisible, unconscious beliefs and values which are driving reactive behaviors and how these behaviors might impact on others and their performance.  The Leadership Circle Collective Leadership Assessment TM provides a powerful insight into how collective leadership influences organizational culture.  These insights inform coaching programs and the design of Leadership Development programs to support improved performance.


Briefing The Leadership Circle

Feedback workshop • Distance travelled • Actions

Leadership Development Workshop 2

Leadership Development Workshop 3

Leadership Development Workshop 4

Leadership Development Workshop 1

24 month time lapse & assessment re-take

Creative Competencies

Assessments completed & analyzed

Reactive tendencies

Process & Set up

Coaching 5

Coaching 6

Coaching 1

Coaching 2

Coaching 3

Coaching 4

• Leadership Development workshops are designed in response to the specific group needs and organizational context • Journaling and reflective activities throughout to promote deep learning as new skills are applied and tested • Multimedia resource library available for the duration of the program and 12 months after, supported by communities of learning

THE LEADERSHIP CIRCLE PROFILE – 360 ASSESSMENT A customized process:  Agree the cohort – individuals and/or intact teams  Select the Manager or Leader Edition depending on job roles  Participants are briefed on the process by the accredited Leadership Circle coach  Participants select 15 ( minimum) people to complete the assessment  This includes 4 groups for the Leader edition: line manager, peers, direct reports and external representatives  Respondees are given a timescale to complete the assessments  If the collective report is required for improving leadership team effectiveness, the report is compiled and shared with team members  Participants receive their report during a initial debrief meeting where the report will be explained and key insights shared for the participant to reflect on  Teams receive the collective report and a full debriefing to identify insights regarding ‘ways of working'. Teams will receive supplementary team coaching sessions in addition to their individual coaching sessions  Participants receive 6 x 60/90 minute coaching sessions providing a deep dive into the

reactive tendencies which might be limiting the coachee’s performance and to explore the creative tendencies which could be developed to improve leadership effectiveness








• Establish terms of

• Project Kick-off -

• Consulting & collaboration with client • Delivery strategy (who, what, when, where, how) • Alignment to client policies, functions, systems, platforms & technologies • Sign-off session outlines • Agree evaluation plan

• Outcomes focused • Kirkpatrick system • Regular review at every agreed level • Feedback systems & check-ins for dynamic design • Monitor Leading Indicators & ROI • Engagement & Impact

• Project administration • Scheduling • Logistics • Operations • Provision of additional resources • Delivery

• Content development for sign-off • Verify design against plan & strategy • Induction of learning faculties – internal and external • Program manual with facilitator guides • Project plan

reference & protocols • Communication channels • Data-sharing, analysis, understand current situation/work to date • Identify project stakeholders • Agree project scope & specification • Communications Strategy

context, needs, policies, stakeholders & systems • Review work to date, insights, data & any 3rd party consultation • Project plan –outcomes, milestones, KPIs, assessments & diagnostics • Investment Plan

End-to-end consulting support & dynamic design through continuous feedback

When working with a client on a bespoke program, we apply a proven, adapted L & D methodology that streamlines the process and clearly defines the phases and milestones from end-to-end.

Working effectively with clients to provide a seamless, integrated solution.

By ILLUMINATING the underlying thinking patterns that drive BEHAVIOR we give access to new choices and possibilities





• Understanding purpose & vision of leadership • How to align teams and individuals to increase engagement • Building collaboration • Developing the culture needed for growing through value • Identifying barriers and opportunities for change for a positive outcome • Achieving organizational objectives • The Leadership Circle Debrief

• Deepening perspectives into the leadership aspiration of the organization • Understanding the reactive tendencies which might prohibit performance and impact on others • How to harness creative competencies to lead an engaged, empowered, high- performing team

• Aligning the leadership

approach with the desired outcomes for improved performance

The Leadership Circle Profile Assessment & report

• Building engagement in teams • Developing enhanced creative and critical thinking to be able to lead successfully in a VUCA world (VUCAR) • The creative competencies required as a leadership collective


Individual Coaching

Collective Coaching


Kirkpatrick Levels 1- 4 Leading Indicators

 Each organization experiences its own unique and specific challenges which is why we take to time to listen and understand so that we can design the best solution to achieve the desired outcomes.  When designing a program we always start with the end in mind and work collaboratively with our clients to create meaningful learning experiences which participants can apply directly to their workplace situation.  Primeast consultants are all accredited in the Kirkpatrick New World model which we apply when designing the program and the evaluation system. Applying Levels 3 and 4 ensures that we achieve the learner outcomes which will impact on behavior and the business outcomes, delivering measurable return on investment through performance improvement and tangible results.

What impact has the program had on business performance?

Level 4 Result

How have participants applied their learning?

Level 3 Behaviour

How much did participants learn from the program?

Level 2 Learning

How did participants respond to the program?

Level 1 Reaction

THE LEADERSHIP CIRCLE SYSTEM TM An integrated program for developing leadership effectiveness


 The Leader to Leader™ program is a highly interactive series of sessions in which high- potential individuals come together to learn and practice new leadership skills to increase both their effectiveness and business performance.  Leader to Leader™ offers a powerful combination of business issue resolution with accelerated professional and personal development for your key cross-functional leaders or intact teams.

An organization cannot perform at a level higher than the consciousness of its leadership team. Successful organizations strive to keep pace with the escalating complexity of our times



Elective Modules

Mandatory Modules

Mapping your Journey





Systems Thinking

Moving toward your vision

Courageous Conversations

Listening as a Leader

Leading through Change

Taking stock




Accountability & Leadership Development Plan

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Sustaining Energy, Focus & Commitment

Relationship Building

HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS  Following the initial assessment & workshop, the group meets for facilitated half day sessions 4-6 weeks apart  The collective report is analyzed, insights shared and the cohort discusses their future vision of leadership and what they need to do to get there.  Sessions are designed to develop the understanding and the skills and behaviors required to develop creative competency in the areas identified as critical for the group to achieve their vision of leadership.  Elective modules are selected to focus on specific focus areas.  The sessions are highly interactive and provide challenge and support in equal measure as participants are guided through the content. Accredited and experienced coaches provide a safe place for participants to practice, apply reflect and receive highly focused developmental feedback.  Alongside the selected modules, participants attend individual and collective coaching sessions with an accredited coach which provide focused time to personalize their development.  Working as a leadership team creates a powerful motivation and momentum for change and helps build collective strength and consensus.  Further modules are available and can be configured to suit the specific context and the leadership goals.


“I have known and work closely with Primeast now for over 13 years whilst undertaking a number of roles within Cape and latterly Altrad.

What I like about Primeast is that they “get it”. They listen to what we are trying to achieve as an organization and then work with us in a partnership approach to designing and delivering a solution that works for us. The length of our relationship has led to there being a high degree of trust and understanding of the organization that is simply invaluable. Working with Primeast has helped us reshape the organization, develop our leadership and leadership styles, whilst ultimately enhancing the overall performance of our business.”

Steve Connolly, Altrad


For a more detailed conversation about the Leadership Circle Profile and the full Leadership Circle System, get in touch.

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PRIMEAST USA 1600 Perrineville Road Ste2-325 Monroe Township

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