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Whilst our communication skills are being tested now more than ever, one thing never changes – an ability to communicate well and influence effectively is critical to business success. Develop an intuitive, authentic and open communication style, and you will make the most powerful impact every time, whatever your business context.


Since effective communication requires greater emotional connection and a more empathic approach, this workshop will help participants develop an intuitive, authentic and open communication style. By exploring several proven communication and influencing techniques, participants will develop the skills needed to thrive in a hybrid workplace, and be able to build stronger relationships through trust, fuel better collaboration, and enable more effective business outcomes.

Mastering Communication



Understand the dynamics of effective communication on both a personal and organisational level

Explore the practice of generative listening

• Identify your communication style and that of others via the Communication Styles Inventory • Successfully apply the 4 Cs of Communication (Clarity, Coherence, Control and Credibility) for maximum impact • Understand the importance of effective communication when developing a team culture

• Build greater collaboration, creativity and critical thinking in your teams • Gain support for your ideas, develop relationships and partnerships, and inspire and encourage others


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