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To thrive in an uncertain future, organizations must demonstrate the agility to embrace and respond to change. This module helps participants improve their ‘change intelligence’ – developing the knowledge, skills and attitude to be 'change-ready'.


With significant change almost inevitable in an increasingly volatile and complex world, individuals and teams need to master their own positive response. The module will help individuals to better manage change by fostering a growth mindset and developing curiosity and resilience, making change and growth part of everyday business life.

Change Ready



• Explore ways to maximize the opportunities of working in an uncertain world • Use the Change Readiness Questionnaire to evaluate your ability to handle change and how you can strengthen these • Examine and practice a range of approaches that can be employed to support individuals and teams through change • Develop a workplace action plan

• Complete the Change Readiness Questionnaire and reflect on the insights • Explore the impact of change on self and others • Understanding human responses and reactions to change • Apply the Kübler Ross Change Curve to a workplace scenario • Create an action plan to increase change readiness


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