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Set your cross-cultural innovation teams up faster and get better results by developing their Cultural Intelligence (CQ). Facilitate happiness at work and encourage and reinforce inclusion and talent retention by starting your team members from a point of understanding and appreciation for the talents and perspectives each of them contributes.

Developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ)


Organizations and individuals need to have the means to ask the right questions of themselves and others, in order to understand different cultural working styles. By developing this mutual understanding, cultural differences can become strengths in problem-solving, rather than obstacles.



• Gain an understanding of the concept of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and the simple steps that can be taken to improve CQ levels • Utilize knowledge of different cultural dimensions to foster greater innovation • Achieve higher levels of engagement and improved efficiency within increasingly diverse and remote workforces

• Complete an online CQ test and analyse ways to improve that score • Look at Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions and Hall's High & Low Context cultural models and apply those to different case studies and experiential role plays • Examine a Cultural Intelligence toolkit and develop an action plan to improve CQ levels


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