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In the 'decade of disruption', where we face constant change and challenge, being resilient can turn this from a nightmare into an opportunity.


Resilience Through Change

By looking at a range of tools to build your resilience, and giving you the strategies to ensure your resilience levels are protected throughout times of adversity, this module will ensure that you can perform consistently at your best.



• Develop an understanding of the dimensions of wellbeing and resilience, and be able to identify actions to build on this in self and others • Understand the impact change has and learn strategies to not only cope with it, but thrive

• Look at the impact change and similar challenges can have on us, both physically and mentally • Complete, share and discuss the outcomes of your resilience questionnaire • Examine several tools and frameworks which can be used to support resilience • Explore triggers and ways of managing them in order to maintain a good sense of wellbeing


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