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Building on the work of Shirzad Chamine and Saboteur behaviors, this module explores how to move to a positive mindset. Understanding how to operate from your ‘Sage’ point of view means that you respond and engage with colleagues consciously rather than react ively. This has a direct impact on the quality of conversations, the outcomes, your performance and your working relationships.


Once you begin to develop your mental muscle you can begin to intervene your Saboteur and move to ‘Sage’ thinking. Participants are introduced to the concept of the 5 Sage behaviors which can be adopted in a range of conversations to create better outcomes. Applying this framework has proven to have a transformational impact on relationships, behaviors, mental fitness, and overall performance.

Harnessing Your Sage



• Build your mental muscle to unlock your Sage powers of empathy, curiosity, creativity and calm to enable clear headed action and results. • Practice a number of techniques which can be applied to improve relationships and performance • Be confident in applying the Sage behaviors; empathise, explore, navigate, innovate and activate to improve outcomes

Participants will have completed the free PQ assessment identifying their Saboteurs and will then practice several mental fitness ‘reps’ they can employ to increase self-command. This module explore the 5 Sage behaviors – explore, empathize, navigate, innovate and activate, and how to apply them using some simple and practical techniques.


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