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Introducing a framework for developing mental fitness created by Shirzad Chamine. The broader Positive Intelligence program grows your three core mental fitness muscles. The module helps participants in getting to know their Saboteur exploring the results of the free PQ assessment.


Knowing Your Saboteur

After completing the free PQ assessment, participants will explore their own Judge Saboteur and its accomplice Saboteurs. Understanding the patterns of our learned behaviors helps us to begin to harness the strengths we can bring and how they might negatively impact on others when overplayed. Developing this positive intelligence will have a transformational effect on how you perceive yourself and will also result in more conscious and positive exchanges and improved relationships with others.



• Develop self-awareness regarding sabotaging behaviors • Reframe your thinking to enable you to develop

• Complete the Positive Intelligence (PQ) assessment and explore your report detailing your top Saboteurs • Understand how you might be self-sabotaging performance and relationships through learned behaviors • Explore the nature of survival instincts which impact negatively on behaviors when overplayed

your self-command muscle allowing you to act/react more consciously and effectively Learn several techniques to support the development of your mental fitness muscle


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