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This incredibly powerful workshop is based on the Barrett Values PVA tool and will give participants the opportunity to understand more about their own values and "Ikigai" (a Japanese concept that means your 'reason for being'), and the potentially differing values of their team members, in order to harness these more effectively in pursuit of the organization's purpose.


Content • Complete the Barrett Values PVA, identifying opportunities for personal growth with the support of an accredited Barrett Values coach • Complete several practical exercises to uncover the drivers behind behavior and how this can be shared with your team for improved performance • Develop your own personal flag to discover your Why and how you can use your strengths to their full potential In the race to attract and keep the best talent, organizations need to understand that purpose matters. Employees can only truly engage with the work they do once they understand their own purpose and align that purpose with the organization's – doing this unlocks their sense of doing meaningful work and personal fulfillment. Leaders must also understand and model purposeful leadership to be able to both inspire effectively and engage their employees in a meaningful way.

My Why, My Ikigai


• Better understand your values and purpose and how this might help you align more closely to your organization's values and purpose • Reflect on the "power of purpose" in your own role, considering engagement and motivation • Use the Barrett Values PVA information to consider next steps for performance improvement


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