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Curiosity often inspires the courage to discuss the undiscussable, challenge current thinking, deviate from behavious accepted as normal, and to do what others previously thought impossible. Children should be our role models. They are ready to play, have a go, learn from failing and enjoy the ride.

Courage and Confidence to be Curious

Description With a curiosity mindset, we are not limited by what we see in front of us and what has been done before. Curiosity pushes people toward uncertainty and allows them to approach it with a positive attitude. This module introduces a number of techniques which can be implemented on the journey to building confidence and connection in what you are passionate about and beginning to understand your own vast potential.



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How to overcome the inhibitors of curiosity

Explore the power of a curiosity mindset

Release your inner child

• Examine real "What if" scenarios from a curious child perspective • Identify areas in the workplace where you can implement your learning and increase curiosity in your culture

• Challenge your existing approach to release your potential


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