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For organizations to thrive during times of disruption, they must innovate – not just responding to change, but anticipating it. The challenge for businesses is to nurture innovative thinking internally. The good news is, innovation is not just the gift of the select few: innovative thinking, once understood and unlocked, can be nurtured.


With constantly changing customer needs, markets and technologies, business leaders must innovate to move forward – anticipating change and creating opportunity. Once understood and unlocked, innovative thinking can be nurtured across the organization through process, mindset, and by fostering a culture where employees and teams are given the capacity to think and explore – and the freedom to fail.

Unlocking Innovation



• Understand the meaning, conditions and scope of innovation • Be able to implement several processes and approaches to develop the foundations for innovative thinking • Plan an approach at a team, department or organizational level for fostering innovative thinking

• Explore and understand the types of innovation opportunities which might exist and be applied to current situations and working environment • Develop knowledge of the conditions and processes needed to create a culture of innovation in teams • Create action plans based on recommendations to begin to establish a creative and critical thinking approach to problem-solving and process improvement .


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