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If micro-management is the biggest threat to creativity, delegation is the greatest gift, when done correctly. The selfless leader actively seeks out opportunities to stretch and challenge their teams, helping them to develop their capability and agility.


From Power to Empower

It can be tempting to "just do it yourself“, particularly when you are busy. You might think it will take more time to tell someone what to do than to simply do it yourself. Delegation is a critical tool in developing your teams and when you do it well, they will rise to the challenge and thrive, becoming more capable and agile — often giving you back the important time you need to focus on strategic opportunities and projects. In this practical workshop, you'll use the DREAMS framework to help make effective delegation a reality.



Reflect on your own barriers to delegation

• Exploring the barriers to delegation using a questionnaire and heat maps to highlight strengths and areas for development • Apply the DREAMS approach to be able to delegate effectively • Consider skills and strategies to bring DREAMS to life using real, workplace examples

• Understand and explore the DREAMS framework to make effective delegation a reality • Develop a toolkit of resources and approaches to overcome barriers and sustain delegation for the benefit of the team and their own time management • Identify ways to increase and sustain team capability and agility.


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