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Presenting virtually has never been more important to business success – but it can be challenging. With the right tools, and the right approach, it doesn't have to be.


Virtual Presentations Presence Energy Impact

Virtual communication is becoming "business as usual". Whether it's a meeting, a learning workshop or a coaching session for you or someone else, being able to present effectively in the virtual space is instrumental. In this practical workshop, you'll discover how to adapt your communication style, influence others, build engagement and get the most out of your online platform.



• Build the technical skills necessary to effectively support and facilitate virtually • Greater confidence and ability in designing virtual sessions and presentations, to achieve the outcomes you want • Use a range of techniques to generate presence and raise engagement

• Understand how to create presence to influence and engage your audience • Explore a range of techniques to inject energy into online meetings, workshops and exchanges • Structuring online exchanges to ensure maximum impact with some practical exercises to develop the skills required to tell your story


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