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When working with others, conflict is inevitable; people have complex needs and exhibit complex behaviors which can be difficult to handle. This module will help you to approach conflict with the curiosity to explore and understand what it means and reframe it to become a positive experience that leads to greater understanding.


Although conflict can sometimes result in creativity, it can also be very disruptive and must be managed effectively to reduce the negative fallout. This module will help participants to develop the skills necessary to navigate conflict without judgement and to understand when to empathize, explore, activate, navigate or innovate for a positive outcome.

Turning Conflict into a Positive



• Gain the skills and confidence needed to deal with conflict at an early stage • Explore the Thomas-Kilmann framework to consider different strategic choices and consequences Examine some fundamental techniques to prepare and approach difficult situations productively and with a growth mindset • Practise and recognize how personal approaches and preferences can impact a situation •

• Consider when and why conflict arises and recognize some of the most common reasons • Become confident in exploring choices through the Thomas-Kilmann model: avoiding, competing, compromising, accommodating and collaborating • Explore scenarios and techniques for conflict resolution


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