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What's the secret to becoming a high-performing team? Being a team that trusts each other. Accelerate your team's performance, get a greater sense of fulfilment, and become cohesively aligned to deliver the best results.


Teams that trust each other perform better because they have a shared understanding of what each member brings. They have signed up to what they are looking to achieve and are fully committed to it. In complex and remote team structures, building trust by agreeing to work without ego or agenda is critical to creating a one-team identity. This module will explore the principles of trust and provide participants with a practical toolkit to strengthen relationships and drive team performance.

Teams That Trust



• Gain a shared understanding of the importance of trust within teams • Learn how to build and nurture trust in relationships • Develop action plans to develop the elements of trust and identify how they impact on each other

• Explore what trust is and why it is the foundation of a high performing team • Discuss how certain elements come together to build trust as well as how this 'trust equation' plays out in real life • Identify practical steps to develop relationships built on trust.


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