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High-performing teams thrive irrespective of the challenges – this is due to them being united in the team's purpose and having efficient processes and systems in place, along with shared values and behavior frameworks.


Teams United

Whether your team is new, growing or simply adapting to a new project, investing in creating positive working relationships will maximize performance. Set the team up to succeed, and they will become high-performing, self managed teams with the skills and knowledge to adapt and perform regardless of the tasks and challenges they face. This module will examine how to build a team charter that takes account of the purpose of the team, its required processes and systems, as well as any shared values and behaviors.



• Possess a good understanding of the foundations of an effective team charter and why it's important • Identify and examine the conditions required for the team to thrive • Have an action plan for implementing a team charter back in the workplace

• Depending on the nature of the cohort, participants will either learn how to develop and engage their teams in the building of a team charter, or in the situation where the full team attends, the facilitator will help the teams develop their own team charter resulting in high engagement and ownership.


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